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1. What is a Day charter?

A Day Charter is the name that is given in the to a day trip on a rental in boat, without sleeping on board. It is a private rental for you and your group on the boat that you choose and usually lasts 8 hours from the moment of boarding; We are flexible with the boarding time accommodating your plans, as long as the return is before sunset, specially on boats under 20 metres. 

During a Day Charter, you will leave the port where your boat is, we will welcome you at the check-in; there will be several stops, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the coves and other spots of our islands, something that is really worth doing. We include complimentary drinks, towels & snorkel kits, and more depending on the boat you choose. You can take your food on board, ask for catering or book in one of the restaurants in the area that we can gladly recommend and usually book for you. 

We want your day to be great, and we help you with any need you have, and for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements or corporate events. 

Here is the link to our boat calatogue for Day Charter.

2. What do your rental prices include?

In some occasions our customers have told us that our prices are higher than other companies. We want to clearly specify what the rates include, without hidden costs or last-minute surprises:

  • 21% VAT
  • Crew when this is mandatory¡.
  • Occupant Insurance.
  • Berth (except when otherwise specified).
  • Boat legally regulated for rental.
  • Towels (and household items for bookings with overnight stay).
  • Complimentary drinks.
  • B.I.O. Gift bag.
  • Admin fees.
  • Representative of Boats Ibiza Online during check-in, check-out and during your stay on board.

Prices normally exclude fuel, unless otherwise specified.

3. Can I rent a boat without a professional skipper?

You can indeed! If you have a valid skipper or captain's license there are many boats that can be rented without a professional skipper.

We require a deposit, the amount of which depends on the chosen boat and you can see it during the reservation process; the person that will be the skipper in your group will receive a complete briefing of the boat, of the best areas to visit, of the areas of the natural reserve where you should not anchor on Posidonia.

The boats are equipped with GPS where we mark the dangerous areas, and they are also geolocated, but the skipper will have the ultimate responsibility, so we expect that you have some experience and will feel responsible for both the boat and the rest of the group.

That said, you will have a fantastic day at your leisure :) And if you think it is better for a skipper to go with you, it is possible to hire the extra "Skipper" during your reservation for € 180

Here you can access the list of foreign nautical qualifications valid for Spain.

And here we leave the link to the boats that can be rented without professional skipper.

4. ¿Qué pasa si el tiempo no es bueno el día de mi reserva?

In the event of bad weather, the Captain will have the responsibility of deciding if it is feasible and safe to depart. We all understand customers want to have a nice day on board, and high winds or continuous rain will be grounds for cancellation. Clouds and light & short showers which are normal in Ibiza during the whole year are not grounds for cancellation.

5. Why is fuel not included in the prices of rental boats?

As a general rule the cost of fuel is not included in the rates and is paid when returning to port, this is because we do not know for sure how much you are going to navigate and the costs also depend on the number of people on board.

On boats up to 10 meters, which are rented with or without professional skipper, you depart with a full tank and refuel at the gas station at the port when you return; on larger vessels, it is not usual refueling every day and the cost is calculated as accurately as the boat means allow it (Liters of fuel used X Price of a liter; or Engine hours made X Average consumption of liters per hour X Price of liter; o Nautical Miles made x Consumption in liters per mile x Price per liter).

In any case, we do provide you with a fairly realistic estimate based on the average consumption of the engines and the hours of engines that are usually done in one day.

If you want a closed price with fuel, no problem; get in touch specifying the boat that interests you and we will give you the total price after designing a route.

There are boats and excursions that do include fuel in the price, and this is specified in the details of the boat and in the reservation. And if you do not want to use any fuel, try one of the options of solar eco-packaging, here is the link :)

6. What happens if I want to cancel my reservation?

If the customer cancels the booking for any reason, we will do our best to re-rent the boat for that date, in which case a full refund will be made minus 60€ .

In case we are not able to fill that date with another booking, the following amounts will be retained from the customer:

Cancellations more that 29 days before the start date: 25% of the final price.

Cancellations between 30 and 7 days before the start date: 50% of the final price.

Cancellations less than 7 days before the start date: 100% of the final price.

If the cancellation comes from the boat provider due to a break-down, mechanical failure, bad weather* or any other unforeseen circumstances:

We will try to replace the boat for a similar or better option, or a cheaper one refunding the price difference. If we cannot find a replacement or if the customer is not happy with the alternatives, and cannot make the trip on a different date, the customer is entitled to a full refund of any moneys paid.

7. How many people can go aboard the rental boats?

We have to differentiate between Day Charter reservations or reservations of more than one day with overnight stay.

To sleep on board the maximum capacity of the boat is determined by the number of cabins, usually 2 people per cabin.

For Day Charters sailing during the day, each boat has a maximum capacity depending on the hull and size, without being able to exceed 12 + Crew.

The boats for events with a passenger license do have capacity for more than 12, as well as large catamarans or gulets such as these.

To make it easy for you, in our catalog you have filters to select the maximum capacity you need both during the day or sleeping on board.

When your group is more than 12 people, it is possible to rent 2 boats and if time and the captain allow it, they can be covered next to each other, so you can all be together in one of the 2 boats while you are anchored.

8. ¿Por qué los precios de los barcos de alquiler son diferentes cuando busco en vuestra web diferentes fechas?


9. ¿Es más caro alquilar con vosotros que con otra agencia o en otras plataformas online?