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B.I.O Experience

The Holistic Way of Cruising Ibiza.

The B.I.O. Experience is a project thought, designed and created by Boats Ibiza Online, and supported by “Ibiza es Wellness Foundation”. The idea is to offer you the chance of getting the essence of our island to your boat charter.

When you rent a boat in Ibiza you are surrounded by a breathtaking and powerful habitat, for many considered as a source of energy. We bring to you these B.I.O. Experiences to offer you a holistic activity from and for our islands. There are not many other ways to feel Ibiza or Palma in tehir full natural form than cruising along ther waters with local services or whihout consuming any fuel.

Have a look at the different offers, with possibility of adding extras during the booking process. All included in your price and nicely arranged for you. Join the B.I.O. Experience!