Silent Yachts SILENT 80 3 DECK OPEN

SILENT 80 3 DECK OPEN - Yate Solar

24.3 m
Sale price: 5,510,400 €
Taxes: Not included. Not payed.

For those who believe that the sky is the limit, the SILENT 80 3-Deck Open Flybridge Version is the perfect match. As the 3rd deck features a total area of 90m2 (970 ft2), this skylounge of the seas makes you feel at home wherever the sun accompanies you. On board, space is abundant and time regains its value. It is all about the moment. It is all about the attitude. It is all about you.

Propulsion Options

CRUISER: 2 x 100 kW E-motors on shafts, 150 kWh Lithium battery, 100 kW Generator.

The ideal entry into the world of solar powered noiseless cruising. 2 electric motors allow you to seamlessly glide towards the horizon providing high levels of comfort, making this option suitable for long term economic cruising. Furthermore, the solar-electric drivetrain features unprecedented levels of reliability and security with almost zero maintenance work needed.

E-POWER: 2 x 150 kW E-motors, 225 kWh Lithium battery, 150 kW Generator, Cruising speed: 6 – 8 kt, Top speed: 16 – 17 kt

It offers more powerful electric motors, a more powerful generator and a battery bank with increased capacity. These upgrades result in an increased top speed which can be sustained for a certain period of time. As a result, “E-Power” is a perfect blend of sustaining economic solar-powered cruising capabilities with higher performance reserves whenever needed.

E-POWER +: 2 x 250 kW E-motors, 300 kWh Lithium battery, 150 kW Generator, Cruising speed: 6 – 8 kt, Top speed: 19 – 20 kt

The most powerful propulsion option combines the largest battery bank with the strongest electric motors available. Therefore top speeds can be sustained for even longer periods of time while also maximizing the amount of energy which can be stored for back-up and deployed whenever needed. E-Power + delivers the ultimate solar powered yachting experience.


E-POWER POD: 2 x 250 kW E-motors on azipods, 532 kWh Lithium battery, 2 x 130 kW Generators

This top of the line propulsion option takes solar powered yachting to the next level. Hereby the high performance electric motors are mounted on turnable azipods, creating excellent maneuverability. Furthermore, the largest battery bank available provides unmatched energy reserves, creating a feeling of souvereignity and confidence second to none.


SILENT-YACHTS offers the option of a fully automatic towing kite. It flies at altitudes between 70m and 140m where winds are far stronger than at the level of the vessel. At those altitudes it has a dynamic flight pattern, which resembles the shape of a figure 8. For this reason, the kite generates up to 10 times more power per square meter compared to a conventional sail.

PRICES FROM 5,510,400€ + VAT

Technical data


Length: 24.3 m, Beam: 10.9 m, Draught: 1.2 m,



Pernocta: 12, Pax non pernocta: 12, Toilets: 7, Water tank: 1000 l,


Engine: e-motors 100kw, No. of engines: 2,


Layout Versions

Standard Version – 

a) VERSION 4/4 Master on starboard side: Master stateroom with en suite bathroom, separate office area and a walk in closed, a VIP cabin with en suite bathroom on stb. side, 2 double bed VIP cabins each with en suite bathroom on port side, day head on port side, crew cabin for 2 with bathroom and utilityroom in front of the salon.

Other Versions – 

b) 5 cabins + 1/2 crew cabin all en-suite.

c) 6 cabins + 1/2 crew cabin all en-suite.

Extra possible on all Silent 80 models:
Loft Version.:
Full height side windows in the salon.
The width and the position of the windows can be customized.