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SILENT – Silent Yachts SILENT 55 – Motorcatamaran
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Welcome to the Future, Silent Yacht, the new Era of Yachting, now available for charter in the Balearic Islands.

At Boats Ibiza Online, proud official dealers of Silent Yachts, we are deligthed to offer for charter the Silent 55 Version, Multi awarded vessel, 100% Solar, No fumes, no vibrations, no noise, and last but not least, all the luxury and confort one can expect. 

Silent 55 will give you a unique charter experience. We are now more aware than ever of how important is to care for our enrvironment, and Silent Yachts have surely done thier part for the yachting industry as Piooners on trasnformation, innovation with only one focus in mind: Provide the first soalr powered yachts without limits to your cruising range or toyour confort. 

Once you come on board, all your questions will be answered: Silent perfomance and confort will exceed your expectation.

Our day charter prices are all inlcusive: Yacht, Crew, All inclusive meals and the horizon at your feet without depending on the wind or the use of fuel. 

This boat is for sale
Price: 1,580,000.00€


The Award-Winning Traveler

In November of 2019, the SILENT 55 won the “Best of Boats Award” in the category “Best for Travel”. This specific category is defined as “suitable for long distance travels with all amenities to live on board permanently, adapted for both inland waters and the tough conditions at sea”. Generally, she can easily be handled by two people, making the SILENT 55 ideal for families cruising with or without additional crew.

CRUISER  - 2×30 kW

The ideal entry into the world of solar powered noiseless cruising. 2 electric motors allow you to seamlessly glide towards the horizon providing high levels of comfort, making this option suitable for long term economic cruising. Furthermore, the solar-electric drivetrain features unprecedented levels of reliability and security with almost zero maintenance work needed.

E-POWER - 2×250 kW

It offers more powerful electric motors, a more powerful generator and a battery bank with increased capacity. These upgrades result in an increased top speed which can be sustained for a certain period of time. As a result, “E-Power” is a perfect blend of sustaining economic solar-powered cruising capabilities with higher performance reserves whenever needed.

HYBRID-POWER - 2×220 HP + 2×14 kW

With the “Hybrid Power” version, a hybrid of powerful diesel engines together with the electric motors achieve top speeds of 20+ knots.


SILENT-YACHTS offers the option of a fully automatic towing kite. It flies at altitudes between 100m and 150m where winds are far stronger than at the level of the vessel. At those altitudes it has a dynamic flight pattern, which resembles the shape of a figure 8. For this reason, the kite generates up to 20 times more power per square meter compared to a conventional sail.


The added convenience of a sail perfectly complements the noiseless cruising experience. It gives you the ability to alternatively swap between using the sails in fair winds or switching to electric propulsion whenever there is no wind or you are facing headwinds. This further increases your independence from external circumstances while working hand in hand with nature towards your advantage.

  • Length (m): 16.7
  • Beam (m): 8.46
  • Draught (m): 1.2
  • Day Capacity: 12
  • Night capacity: 8
  • Water tank (l): 1000.0
  • Engine: E-MOTORS 30 kW ó 250 kW
  • Engine number: 2
  • Fuel type: E
  • Fuel tank: 600.0
  • Cruise speed (km/h): 6.0
  • Max. speed (km/h): 20.0
  • Double cabins: 4
Majorca, Spain

These booking conditions apply in general to all bookings. There might be boats with special or different booking conditions, in which case you will be informed before hand and before taking any payments; we also try to specify any special booking conditions on the particular boat section on our website.

To confirm your booking:

  • 50% of the total price is required as a down payment to confirm your booking. You can pay via bank transfer or by credit/debit card using our website.
  • The rest is to be payable on the same day of your charter for day charters or 1 month before the start period for bookings of a week or more, also by bank transfer or card.
  • You will receive a full summary of your booking confirmation and a draft of the rental contract to be signed before the charter starts.

The rest is to be payable on the same day of your charter for day charters or 1 month before the start period for bookings of a week or more, also by bank transfer or card.

Cancellation policy:

If the customer cancels the booking for any reason, we will do our best to re-rent the boat for that date, in which case a full refund will be made minus 60€ . In case we are not able to fill that date with another booking, the following amounts will be retained from the customer:

  • Cancellations more that 29 days before the start date: 25% of the final price.
  • Cancellations between 30 and 7 days before the start date: 50% of the final price.
  • Cancellations less than 7 days before the start date: 100% of the final price.

If the cancellation comes from the boat provider due to a break-down, mechanical failure, bad weather* or any other unforeseen circumstances:

We will try to replace the boat for a similar or better option, or a cheaper one refunding the price difference. If we cannot find a replacement or if the customer is not happy with the alternatives, and cannot make the trip on a different date, the customer is entitled to a full refund of any moneys paid.

Bad weather conditions*

In the event of bad weather, the Captain will have the responsibility of deciding if it is feasible and safe to depart. We all understand customers want to have a nice day on board, and high winds or continuous rain will be grounds for cancellation. Clouds and light & short showers which are normal in Ibiza during the whole year are not grounds for cancellation.

Customer commits to:

  • Not exceed the maximum guest capacity detailed in your booking summary.
  • Respect the crew´s instructions.
  • Keep music volume at a level that does not compromise comfort of the boats nearby.
  • Not smoke in the boat interior.